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LabPlot has already quite a good feature set that allows to create 2D Cartesian plots with a lot of editing possibilities and with a good variety of different data sources supported. Analysis functionality is also getting more and more extended and matured with every release….

LabPlot 2.5 released

It took much more time to finalize the release than we planned in the beginning after the 2.4 release was done. But we hope the number of features we implemented for 2.5 and their impact on the workflows supported by LabPlot can justify this delay….

Support for live data

Coming close to the next release of LabPlot, the last new feature in this release that we want to introduce is the support for live data. This feature developed by Fábián Kristóf during “Google Summer of Code 2017” program. In this context, the support for…

LabPlot 2.4 released

We are happy to announce the next release of LabPlot! The concise list of changes is available in the changelog. In the following we describe the most important new features in more details. Beginning with the previous release, LabPlot is available for the Windows platform….