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The Universe is full of the hydrogen and one of its emission lines that is very important in astronomy is caused by the hyper-fine interaction. This electromagnetic radiation has the frequency of ca. 1420.4 MHz which corresponds to the vacuum wavelength of ca. 21cm:

The example below, showing statistics of the amount of debris created and left floating in space since 1961, demonstrates the usage of these two new objects:

Box Plots:

Signal Processing

Fourier filter: A time signal containing Morse code is Fourier transformed to frequency space to see the main component. By applying a narrow band pass filter the Morse signal is extracted and a nice ‘SOS’ can be seen:


Maxima session showing the chaotic dynamics of the Duffing oscillator. The differential equation of the forced oscillator are solved with Maxima. Plots of the trajectory, the phase space of the oscillator and the corresponding Poincaré map are done with LabPlot:

Python session illustrating the effect of Blackman windowing on the Fourier transform:


Matlab MAT import:


Multiple built-in color themes to quickly style your plots:

Colormaps and conditional formatting:

Multi-Axis support: