• Project based management of data
  • Tree-like organization (parent-child hierarchy) of created object, navigation is done in Project Explorer
  • Folders and sub-folders within the project for a better object management
  • Spreadsheet and Matrix – data-container serving as the data source used in data analysis and visualization
  • Worksheet – area for placing different visualization objects (plots, labels, images, etc) supporting different layouts, zooming and navigation modi
  • Extensive and interactive editing capabilities
  • Support for Latex syntax in labels (plot and axis titles, etc.)
  • Extensive parser for mathematical expressions supporting great number of functions and constants, used for data generation, analysis and visualization
  • Elaborative documentation supporting the user with detailed examples und tutorials


  • Cartesian plot with an arbitrary number of freely positionable axes
  • Ordinary and cumulative histograms with different binning methods
  • Several zooming and navigation modi in the plot
  • Feature-rich and freely positionable plot legend
  • Arbitrary number of curves in the plot, defined either via a mathematical equation or by providing data sources

Data Analysis

  • Linear and non-linear regression analysis, support for several predefined and user-defined fit models
  • Numerical differentiation (up to the 6th order) and numerical integration (rectangular, trapezoid and Simpson methods)
  • Smoothing of data with moving average, Savitzky-Golay and percentile filter methods
  • Interpolation of data, support for many methods (linear, polynom, splines, piecewise cubic Hermite polynoms, etc.).
  • Fourier transform of the input data with support for many different window functions (Hann, Hamming, Blackman, etc.)
  • Fourier Filter – low-pass, high-pass, band-pass and band-reject filters of different types (Butterworth, Chebyshev I+II, Legendre, Bessel-Thomson)
  • Convolution and deconvolution of data sets
  • Auto- and cross-correlation of data sets


  • Support for different open-source computer algebra systems (CAS) like Maxima, Octave, etc.
  • Computation can be done directly in LabPlot, provided the corresponding CAS is installed
  • CAS variables holding array-like data (Maxima lists, Python lists and tuples, etc.) can be used as the source for LabPlot curves


  • Support for ASCII, binary, HDF5, netCDF, FITS, ROOT, Ngspice and JSON formats with many options to control the import process
  • For hierarchical formats like HDF5, netCDF, FITS and ROOT user-friendly visualization of the file content for data navigation and selection is available
  • Import of OriginĀ® projects
  • Export of Worksheet (entire worksheet or current selection) to PDF, EPS, PNG and SVG
  • Export of data containers Spreadsheet and Matrix to Latex tables
  • Support for drag&drop of files to be imported


  • Datapicker for easy extraction of data from external image files
  • Editor for FITS-tags allowing the modification of FITS metadata