LabPlot team welcomes contributions from developers, translators, designers, testers and content providers. Just get in touch with us if you want to contribute to this project!


You can reach us via the kde-edu mailing list (Subscribe, Archive) or in the LabPlot room on Matrix.


If you want to see the current state of the project or to follow the development, clone our git repository (git clone or browse it on

We have many small items in our backlog that are very good to start working with and to become more familiar with the code.


LabPlot’s graphical user interface and the documentation are available in many languages. You can check the status of the translation of the GUI and of the documentation. In case LabPlot is not available in your native language but you would like to see it fully available in your language, too, and are willing to help here, just get in touch with KDE translation and localization team on

Examples, tutorials and screenshots

If you find LabPlot a helpful tool for solving certain tasks and problems relevant for your area, don’t hesitate to send us your example projects which you think would be useful for other people, too. We’ll add your examples to our home page and make them available in the application, as well.