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We don't provide any binary packages. Check if your distribution packages the latest version of LabPlot by using your package manager. Binary packages are available for the following distributions, which we are aware of:

You can also check the results of the Packages Search for Linux and Unix to see whether your favorite Linux/Unix system is providing packages for LabPlot.

We also provide an AppImage for any Linux distribution and a Flatpak package and a Snap package running on any Linux distribution that have Flatpak or Snap support.

We provide an installer (64-bit version) of the application but it can also be installed from the Microsoft Store.

There is also a Chocolatey Package

Signed installer (DMG) can be downloaded for Intel (x86_64) and M1/M2 (arm64) CPUs.
If downloaded with Safari, the packages are automatically quarantined which leads to a "LabPlot can't be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software" or similar message on startup.
You can remove the quarantine flag from the package before installing by running "xattr -d labplot-2.10.1-macOS_14-x86_64.dmg" with the downloaded package in a terminal or when already installed by running "xattr -d /Application/".
Another way of starting the installed LabPlot on macOS is described here.
An (unsigned) installer for older macOS versions can be downloaded
here. Here you have to allow installing unsigned packages in the Settings.

The current release of LabPlot is available in the official FreeBSD Ports and Packages Collection.

The current release of LabPlot is available in the official Haiku Depot.

To compile the last released version of LabPlot from the source code, use this link.

If you want to see the current state of the project or to follow the development, clone our git repository

git clone

Building and installing from the source code requires additional effort which is described in our install instructions.

LabPlot is constantly being improved and extended, see also

for an overview of the development activities done after the last release. We invite people to try out the current state of LabPlot to test and to provide feedback. There are regular builds of the current development version which can be found on several CI platforms. Below is a (probably incomplete) list of them.

Gitlab Jobs

  • Flatpak (latest master build):

    Install using

    flatpak install (--user --or-update)
    flatpak install (--user --or-update)
  • AppImage
  • Windows 64bit
  • macOS 14 (Sonoma) arm64, macOS 14 (Sonoma) x86_64

KDE Neon Build Server



  • Version Tumbleweed

     	sudo zypper ar -cfp 90 LabPlot-nightly
     	sudo zypper refresh
     	sudo zypper dist-upgrade --from LabPlot-nightly --allow-downgrade --allow-vendor-change
     	sudo zypper install --from LabPlot-nightly labplot