2.9 Beta

After a long silence from us, we are happy to announce the start of the beta phase for the upcoming LabPlot 2.9 release.

Over the past weeks, we have spent a significant amount of time fixing the outstanding issues and polishing new features. Some of the major new features were introduced in our recent blog posts, and many other new features are mentioned in our ChangeLog file.

Take a look at what is coming up here:

In the next days, we will be spending more time improving the release. The plan is to do the final announcement after 1-2 weeks if no big blockers are encountered. People interested in helping out are invited to test the beta and provide us with feedback.

You can download the current the beta version of LabPlot as source code, a Windows installer, or a macOS image. Linux users who do not want to compile from source can grab the nightly builds from the “Development Versions” section on the Download page. These builds are available for openSUSE, KDE Neon and Ubuntu and as a Flatpack package, and are very close to the beta release and can be safely used for testing and providing feedback.

Stay tuned for more news regarding LabPlot 2.9!