LabPlot 2.8.2 released


We’re happy to announce the availability of the next minor patch release for 2.8. Similar to the previous patch release, this release again contains multiple bug fixes and small new features and improvements only. As usual, the full list of the relevant changes is available in the ChangeLog file, the code and the installers can be found on the dowload page.

We recommend everybody to update to this patch release of 2.8 to benefit from the recent improvements.

2 thoughts to “LabPlot 2.8.2 released”

  1. There is a bug in version 2.8.1 and 2.8.2.
    On windows 10 system (polish version) the line fitted to the points not always displays, although the fit was performed successfully. My students reported me the problem and when they switched to 2.8.0 they do not have this problem any more.

    1. We cannot reproduce this issue. Can you please report this issue on and attach your example project, if possible. We’ll to reproduce this problem and fix it.

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