In the face of a growing feature set in any project, getting started becomes harder and harder for new users. This problem is common for many software applications, and LabPlot is no exception. To overcome this problem we’re investing more resources into creating documentation in general, and introductory articles in particular.

We’re also working on a set of short videos that introduce LabPlot’s wide range of core features and aspects.

Finally, in our effort to make LabPlot more accessible for everybody, in our latest release, we added a set of example projects that are installed together with the application and that will provide you with a way to see how certain things can be implemented in LabPlot, as well as help you explore the available feature set and learn more about it.

You can reach the collection of the example projects from the main menu of the application. The dedicated dialog lets you browse the available projects:

Example Projects

Projects are grouped together into different categories:

General includes various example projects that demo LabPlot’s main features.

Analysis includes example projects that explore LabPlot’s data analysis capabilities, such as smoothing, fitting, etc.

Computing includes projects that leverage a variety of open-source computer algebra systems and programming languages used for scientific computation.

Statistics offers examples of LabPlot’s features used for the statistical analysis of data.

Upon selection and loading, the example project is ready to be explored and modified:Basic Plots Example Project

Right now the collection includes 19 projects and we plan to add more examples over time. We also invite you to contribute your ideas and projects so that we can add to this collection in the future.