We are coming close to the next release of LabPlot with a lot of new features. The development for the next release is finished and we’re doing some final testing, improving the documentation, checking the issues reported by code analysis tools, etc. As always, we’ll write about this a dedicated and detailed release announcement soon. Today, as a small teaser for what will come soon we just want to share some information about what many people were already asking for – Windows port of LabPlot:

LabPlot on Windows

On the screenshot (taken on Windows7) you see also some new features like “Fourier transformation” and “Fourier Filter” – more on this later. Starting with the next release, v2.3.0, we’ll provide installers for Windows (32bit and 64bit) and we hope to provide a Mac port of LabPlot in the near future, too.

While porting LabPlot to Windows we benefited a lot from the community and the experience of other KDE projects. Bringing KDE Software to other platforms like Windows, OSX and Android was the main topic during this year meeting of KDE developers in Randa, Switzerland. If you like KDE, if you like LabPlot and if you wish to see more KDE applications running on different platforms, please consider supporting our Randa Meetings 2016 Fundraiser Campaign!

Randa Meetings 2016 Fundraiser Campaign