Today we are announcing the availability of the minor patch release 2.10.1. This release contains minor improvements and bug fixes only. The fixes are distributed over many different areas of the application and we recommend everybody update to this patch release which is available from our download page.

The full list of fixes included in this patch release are as follows:

  • Support markdown library discount version 3
  • Improve Vector BLF dependency (git download must be enabled if needed)
  • Correctly use system header of system QXlsx (BUG 468651)
  • Fix group separator problem in formulas (BUG 468098)
  • Improve log scales (auto scaling and tick number)
  • Improve auto scale (Issue #536)
  • Fix limits when changing scales (Issue #446)
  • Use system liborigin headers if linking against system liborigin (BUG 469367)
  • Properly import UTF8 encoded data (BUG 470338)
  • Do not clear the undo history when saving the project (BUG 470727)
  • Properly react on orientation changes in the worksheet properties explorer
  • In the collections of example projects, color maps and data sets also allow searching for sub-strings and make the search case-insensitive
  • Properly set the size of the worksheet in the presenter mode if “use view size” is used
  • Properly save and load the property “visible” for box and bar plots in the project file
  • Fix copy&paste and duplication of box and bar plots
  • Fix issues with loading object templates (BUG 470003)
  • Fix crash when loading projects with reference ranges
  • .xlsx import corrections:
    • fix crash importing empty cells
    • support datetime import (Issue #531)
  • Properly set the initial properties of the reference line, like line width, etc. (Issue #580)
  • Properly show the initial value of the property “visible” for the reference range (Issue #582)
  • React to Delete and Backspace keys to delete selected cells in spreadsheet columns (Issue #596)
  • Update the plot legend on column name changes used in box and bar plots (Issue #597)
  • Fix the positioning of values labels for horizontal bar plots (Issue #599)
  • Initialize the parameters for the baseline subtraction with reasonable values on first startup and improve the appearance of the preview plot

We are also working on the new features and improvements that will arrive in the next 2.11 release. This release will become available in the coming months. More on this in the next blog posts. Stay tuned!