In the last days we moved our content from to When visiting the old page you’ll be automatically redirected to the new one. This is the last step in our transition from SourceForge to KDE’s infrastructure. The new homepage got a more modern look and a responsive web-design. In the next months we’ll work on adding more content to the homepage (screenshots, documentation, examples and HOWTOs).

Though the re-design of the homepage took quite a lot of time, we didn’t forget the actual development – the work in the code on the next release is in progress. In the next release we’ll incorporate the work done during GSoC2016 – support for the FITS-format and a theme manager will be added to the feature list of LabPlot. In addition to this, several data reduction algorithms, integration and differentiation of data will join the family of already available analysis functions in LabPlot. On the plotting part, breaking of axes is currently being worked on and we plan to release it soon, too.