Today we release our first beta release of labplot2. Since our last release a lot of work
was done towards stabilization and polishing of labplot. We plan to invest
more time and effort in this direction and release in few weeks a second beta.
After this, if no severe problems occur, we are going to make a first stable
release of labplot2.
There are a couple of bugs we’re aware of. And there are many that we still
need to find and to fix for this release.

To get a brief overview of what labplot can currently do and how it looks
like, have a look at the recent blog of Stuart at [1]. Stu, thank you a lot
for making some noise around our project!

We need feedback and bug reports. So, grab the tarball from the sourceforge
site [2] or checkout out the repository [3] and give labplot a try. Everybody,
who wants to join the project and help with the code, documentation, updating
the homepage and wiki-sites etc., is highly welcome.